Photo by Inna Zhelannaya
Welcome to Hot Arctic Kirkenes!

This year the festival program will focus on the knowledge and experiences the Arctic offers.
We have invited different voices to give their comments, visions and artistic contributions, and we invite you all to join the five fantastic festival days! More than 200 artists from 14 nations will gather at the festival. Researchers, architects and others will join to share their knowledge with us.

What is the Arctic all about? Bank of resources or zone of innovation? Periphery or centre? ”Fly in – fly out” politics, or focus on quality of life and quality of space? Soon more than 2/3 of the world´s population will live in cities. What perspectives do smaller towns in the North face when the economy expands in the light of “the oil industry’s fairytale”, climate change, mineral exploration and mining activities? The Arctic is very popular as a tourist destination. How can we make the North more attractive for people to settle down? Who are the stakeholders for such development?

Barents Spektakel 2010 is arranged for the 7th year. The festival has developed as a cultural-political cocktail with contemporary art, performances, literature, theatre, film, seminars and concerts as ingredients, spiced with the current issues related to the Barents Region and the High North in general. The Barents Days have joined Barents Spektakel for the third time.

We thank all our partners for enthusiastic engagement, priceless contribution and everyday help in the work with the festival.

Welcome to Barents Spektakel/ Barents Days 2010!
Best wishes
from Pikene på Broen

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