Arctic Nomads
  • Opening of Spektakel exhibition
    February 3, Wednesday_
    Containers in the Pedestrian Street

Ane Lan (Oslo, Norway).
Sergey Shutov (Moscow, Russia).
Curated by Luba Kuzovnikova.
Producer: Pikene på Broen.

The festival exhibition Arctic Nomads with the artists Ane Lan (Eivind Reierstad) from Oslo and Sergey Shutov from Moscow approaches the notion of the nomadic from different perspectives. In the Arctic of today there are many nomads – reindeer herders and seamen, mining- and oil workers, military guards and tourists, researchers and doctors, refugees and commuters… How can the traditional and modern Arctic nomads co-exist side by side? Is it time to redefine the Arctic? Masculine vs feminine, centre vs periphery, commuting vs settling down? What and who makes the High North attractive to live in?

The exhibition is located in the middle of the town, in two containers. Many commuters come to Kirkenes, and many containers and box-houses have been set up here. The exhibition containers can be easily moved around, in the Arctic or in the world.

Exhibition is open until February 10th.